The Insignificance of the Popular Vote

It’s already been four months since Donald Trump won the elections, and became the 45th President of the United States. But even months after this historic victory, and even after the inauguration, there are still some people who would want to dispute the truth and choose to make an argument on the fallacious basis of the popular vote.

It is time to face the music and accept the fact that President Trump won the elections fair and square, and is here to stay for at least the duration of next four years. Enough with the cries about popular vote because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t amount to anything. It can be a hundred million votes or just ten, and it is all the same. The only thing that matters in the final tally are the votes of Electoral College, of which President Trump won the overwhelming majority, 304 out of 538.

Some wish this wasn’t so. Some wish, the rules would be different. I wish to win a jackpot. But what we wish does not make it a reality, so it is a high time to stop treating it as such.

Maybe the best way to explain this entire conundrum is by analogy. When you play a game of football (or soccer, as those across the pond, are wont to call it) it does not matter how hard you tried to win, how many fouls you did, how many penalties you were granted, or even how many times you missed the goal. The only thing that matters, is the final result that depends on the number of times you managed to push the ball inside your opponent’s net. It’s not the ball possession that matters, it’s the number of scored goals. In short, sideline statistics are worthless in comparison to the end result.

Your opponent might have tried ten times and missed, while you shot and scored a single goal and won. Because the final result is decidedly in your favor, and on your side is the only number that counts for anything that matters, you win. It is that simple. No time for statistics that don’t matter, the only one does. There is no participation award in real life. Or if we put it in the words of a twitter user after the Patriots Superbowl victory: “Um Atlanta actually won if you look at this other metric that nobody counts.”

Same is with the Electoral College. We will leave the topic of its purpose and usefulness for some other time. What we have to accept is simple. From the get go, both teams (Republican and Democrat) knew what number mattered. They knew exactly what number they needed to win the game. To cry havoc now when they lost it, even though they have the great advantage in the popular vote is blatantly hypocritical of the Democratic Party.

It is time to face the truth. In their arrogance, the entirety of the Democrat establishment, the left-wing media, and the Hollywood activists believed they were playing a game already won. Like the hare racing against the tortoise, they took their adversary lightly, preferring to make jokes instead of focusing on their own voter base, and winning the presidential race. Their loss is their own fault. And no matter how much they continue to tout the insignificance of the popular vote on every occasion they get, President Trump will still remain the President.

It is now upon the liberals to decide for how long. Will it be four years? Or will they continue to waste everyone’s time with their senseless cries, and let President Trump rule for another term?

By: Ivan Šokić

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