“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

We encourage you to share your views in our comment section. We would like to read what you think about the things we write, and to strike a conversation from which we all can take something away. We value the feedback we get from you, our Reader, because it is you who fuels our endeavour, and makes us want to continue with it. That said, some rules do apply.

Comments that rely on insults and slurs will be deleted. Calls for violence, and all similar categories pertaining to hate speech will not be tolerated. Comments that are nothing but spam and advertising will be dealt with in same fashion.

Call it housecleaning, and we all like to have our house in order. We at RE! Online Magazine believe that every human being is capable of bringing their point across to the rest of us without relying on all the “crutches” that take away from the actual conversation.

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