The Missionaries: A Contemporary Satire Done Right (Book Review)

What happens when you introduce a new species to a well-oiled machine of an already established ecosystem? That seems to be the question The Missionaries sets out to answer. Written by Owen Stanley, and published by Castalia House, it is a satire with a particularly strong take on the practices of the UN and its pencil pushers. To say that it is a joy to read would be a lie. The Missionaries is much more than  that. It is a wild ride of emotions where it is perfectly normal to go from outrageously funny to something ludicrously horrific on a moment’s notice.

When you already think to yourself, wait that couldn’t be, it reminds you of some old news that didn’t even phase you at the time. That’s what makes The Missionaries stand out. The book takes you away from the story, and actually forces you to ponder on what you’ve read. First, because it seems too crazy, but only when you realize that events that took place in the book, have already taken place in reality one way or the other you can accept that it is not farfetched. It truly follows the age-old diction, that it is fiction that follows the reality, and not the other way around.

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