MTA Catastrophe: A Typical Week on the NYC Subway

Us, New Yorkers, have a love-hate relationship with our subway system. We love that we can stay out all night and not worry about the subway closing at any point, unlike European cities, and everything else we hate. While delays here and there are common, lately NYC Subways have been a hot mess. And by a hot mess, I don’t mean white-girl drunk at a party, I mean hot because it’s always gross and uncomfortably warm down there and simply a mess. It doesn’t cut it anymore to take a train that’s three or five minutes early in order to account time for delays. It seems that in order to make it to work on time you should take the train thirty minutes earlier.

On a good day, I arrive to work fifteen minutes early. On a bad day, when I tend to get dressed slowly, I’m at work ten to five minutes early. My regular commute, according to google maps, is fifty-six minutes long. Some days it takes longer, other days it’s shorter. I usually give myself between an hour and ten minutes and an hour and twenty minutes to make sure that I make it to my job with plenty of time. This also allows me to not push people on the train and not to rush when catching my transfer train. Seems reasonable, no?

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